Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my new time table

hye are you today?
I'm good..
Sorry that i didn't post much last month..
I'm quite busy with exams and what not..

So, today, I would like to inform u that now, I'm officially a trainee at Rahim & Co Charted Surveyors, KL..
For 1 month actually..
juz to gain experience on my field of studies..
i'm in the Valuation Department where I will help to estimate your property value..

So, here is my monday - friday schedule ..

6am :
Wake up

Go to chase the train

train arrives and I have to squeeze myself to aboard..

Arrives at office
start working

It's time to go back home!

arrives home
clean myself


So, here is a bit of change of my lifestyle..
have to sacrifice to gain experience right?
"No Pain No Gain"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Exams are over!

Assalamualaikum fellas..
How are u?
I'm doing great..
Just got home yesterday..
Abis exam trus balik..
best gler!

Anyway, to all my friends who has yet to finish or facing their exam this coming weeks, I would like to wish good luck!
and not forgotten to all my jr. in Selandar who are facing SPM this week, good luck to u 2..

Now, I would like to enjoy my 1month and 2weeks of break!
but I'll update u guys every now and then..
c ya!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time break..

Assalamualaikum everyone..
How are you?
Wow, quite some time i didn't blog right?
Well, I have been quite busy lately meeting datelines of endless coursework, tests and tutorials..
Sorry for that..
But I'll try my best update this blog as often as possible once my semester ends in a month time..

So, for the time being, I hope u guyz could give me some room so that I could study for my finals which starts on the 30th october..
Wish me luck as I'm trying another attempt to get another Dean List..
My mother have high hopes for me..
Don't wanna disappoint her..
To you who is facing any exams, tests or what not,
Good Luck!

Till we meet again..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

and a very good afternoon..
how are you guys..
long time no see ek?
yeah, I know..
It has been a while since I update my blog..
had been busy with tests, presentation and assignment..
This coming week, I have to submit my assignment n a test to face..
the next week, is all about presentation..

Anyway, I'm right now in KL..
Supposed to meet a Dato'..
But he had to attend something urgent elsewhere..
So,I had to change the date..
It's ok anyway.. He's the boss kn?

Since I couldn't meet him, I went to an Australian Edu Fair at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL..
Really want to further my studies overseas..
My preferred destination?
University of South Australia..
Bachelor in Business (Property)..
But 1 thing that stand against my dream right now is Money..
Anyone would like to sponsor my studies there?
I'm doing quite well right now..

Anyway, thank you for reading..
see u later alligator..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hari Raya!!

Hye fellas!! How are you? Hopefully u r in the pink of ur health..
I'm fine.. Perah otak nak study utk test Land Use Planning tomorrow..
Wish me luck k..

Hmm, Hari Raya is juz around the corner..
Expecting 5 more days to go!!
Have you guys prepared urself with all the preparations?
As far as I know, I'm well prepared..
Bak kate org,tinggal tggu nk raya je..
tapi 1 je xwat lg..
trim rambut..
pk,taun ni nk raye rmbut pnjg la..
tp cm xbest lak..
perkara kecik je 2..

Kat sini, ak nak wish..
especially 2 kwn2 ak yg xdpt raye kat tnh air..
Abey(Canada), Helmi(Indon) n Iddin(Berlayar atas kapal)..
semoga korg selamat menyambut ditanah air org len..
not forgotten, 2 my fellow friends and readers as well..

Raya berpada-pada ok..
See u later alligator!

Monday, August 31, 2009

How to write a good resume..

Hye readers..
How are you today?
Hopefully you are in your pink of health..
So, today I wanna write about how to write a good resume..

Before you write your resume, u must have a cover letter for your resume..
Your ciover letter can make or brake you..
The purpose is to introduce you to the employer..
Ok, enough on cover letter..
I will touch on that on my coming post..

A curriculum vitae (CV), also commonly known as resume, is a document that contains a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education..
It provides information about your background that employers use to determine if you have the right knowledge and skills for the job..

1. Your CV should be no more than 2(two) A4 pages..

2. A CV is a tool to obtain an interview and therefore should not be long-winded.. The main aim is to show that you have a wide breadth of knowledge and relevant skills.. Depth of knowledge and additional details can be elaborated during your interview.. Important headings that should be included are education and qualifications, academic awards, skills, work experience, interests and activities, and additional skills..

3. Short, to-the-point sentences or phrases should be used and bullet point forms are encouraged in CV's instead of paragraphs as this makes it easier for employers to scan through and absorb pertinent information about you.. Put the most important and relevant points upfront on your CV so as to easily catch the interest of the person readig your CV.. A CV is usually scanned through quickly by the people tasked to sieve through hundreds of similar documents..

4. Use key words from relevant job recruitment ads in your CV.. If they want someone with 'analytical aplitude', use those words, instead of saying you have analytical skills..

5. Use plenty of action words in your CV like developed, monitored and presented as action words are direct and straight to the point..

6. Focus on the positive and relevant.. Emphasis duties and responsibilities that support yuor current application and avoid details that are not relevant to the particular job you are applying for..

7. Your two referees should be from different categories - one work or character related (eg. an employer) and the other academic (eg. lecturers or tutor)..

8. Your CV should be neatly formatted and not fancy to make it easy to navigate and read.. Use plenty of space and wide margins and a good-size font (eg. 12)

9. Have somoene to go through your CV for potential mistakes or missing information..

10. You should update your CV periodically to prevent any rush job..

Now, your dream job is within your reach!
Good luck with CV and interviews..

* Credit to GRADAsia Mag for this article..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you were given a chance....

Hye fellas..
How has your fasting month went?
Hopefully none is left..

Ok, the title says it..
But it hasn't finish there yet..
The question goes like this..
"If you were given a chance to meet your idol, what are 5 questions that you wanna ask him / her?"

Answer through my comments.. ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Datang Ramadhan..

Hye readers..
Juz wishing all of my Muslim friends..
Happy Fasting..
Selamat Berpuasa!
Hopefully this Ramadhan will be our best Ramadhan..
and making us a better person in the future..

May Allah gives us strength and good health throughout this holy month to do good deeds..
May Allah bless us all..


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The season starts..

The much anticipated Barclays Premier League had kicked off last saturday..
With plenty of goals scored, it's a colourful weekend to mark the start of the best league in the world..
One particular highlight was Arsenal big 6-1 win over Everton..
I expected them to draw but Arsenal was too much to handle for Everton on that day..
But I don't mind..
MU also won..
Although only a narrow 1-0 win, it's enough to secure the 3 points..
To me, gaining that precious 3 points is much more valuable than winning big..
If you win by 6 goal, it doesn't make you a champion at the end of the season..
So, my prediction for the Title?
The Mighty Red Devils!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Community Shield 2009 - MU vs Chelsea

Ok, first of all, I know that MU lose..
It wasn't just MU 's luck on that day..
Seriously, Chelsea shouldn't have lifted the shield..
They don't even deserve it..
Have you guys seen how ballack elbowed Evra?
Chris Foy, the ref on that day, should've red-carded Ballack..
It was intention!
Or atleast, stop the game because Evra was down..
But what did he do?
He wave play-on and then come Chelsea's goal soon after the incident..
If it was Ballack who was down there, I'm sure Chris Foy would've stop the game..
He's biased to MU as ever..
MU should've won the game on regular time..
Chelsea couldn't handle Nani on the left and Evra's attack bring chaos to their defence..
So, overall performance from the MU, I would rate it at 7..
How they fought for that 2nd goal is amazing..
Nani's goal was tremendous..
I don't think that Chelsea played Ancelotti's tactics during the 2nd half..
Because MU cut through thier defence with ease..

So, Chelsea fans, don't be overjoyed by your so-lucky-win..
Lets see how Chelsea fair all season long..
MU with no Ronaldo?
I would say, NO PROBLEM!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back Home.. My 2nd Home..

Hye everyone..
How are you today?
Had a great weekend yesterday?
I filled my weekend yesterday with much sleep..

Ok, as the title says, I'm back here in Perak..
I've started my class today..
and started to worry my assignments back..
I mean, for a week, 'no assignment week'..

So, what did i do during my ad-hoc mid sem break?
Most of my time I was at home..
Doing housechores..
But my family did went out shopping for Raya clothes for me at OU and Pyramid..
So, I did quite enjoy my stay at home..

I better get going..
I have to prepare for my acting presentation tomorrow..
Jadi insurance agent..
Oh, BTW, Sha or my sweetie pie, is much better now..
She is not in high fever anymore..
Excepts that she is still coughing..
Thanx for those who prayed for her health..
May Allah bless u..

That's all folks..
See you later alligator..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gadis ku Dalam Koma..

Ok, first and foremost, the title is only a title..
Actually, my sweetie pie,
Noor Shakila Bt. Abd Rahman
is now quarantined at her kolej..
She went to the clinic this evening and her temperature was 38.6 degrees celcius..
Damn that's high!
She is coughing for like more than 3days already..
She is a suspect of that damn swine flu..

Hope she'll be getting well sooner rather than later..
Really miss her right now..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back Home..

Assalamualaikum everyone..
how are you today??
Hopefully you're great..

Hey fellas, have you heard that UiTM Seri Iskandar n Penang had closed??
Yup! It's my campus..
Actually, until now, i still don't know how much were suspected..
but according to the star newspaper, my campus totalled up to 280 suspects..
frightening right??
if I'm not mistaken, the number rose in just 2days..
So, here I am..
away from lecturers and classes for a week till 29th..

So far, I'm healthy..
I just have to beware and take care of myself..

To all my friends worldwide, take care of yourself k..
take a good care of your self hygiene..
Try to stay away from sick people..
And if you're sick, please go to see your doctor..

"Prevention is Better Than Cure"

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm in cloud 9 last nite!!

Ok, here's the story..
B4 I went back to U, I wrote a letter to Dato' Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman..
Who is he??
Ok, u may not know him because you're from a different line..
I mean, in different field of studies..
But if you're in property sector, he is the only successful BUMIPUTERA property consultant..
I mean, he has his own company, named...
Rahim & Co...

So, I wrote him a letter seeking his inspiration and hopefully could obtain a scholarship from him..
But yesterday night, his PA emailed me his letter that he WROTE himself!!
My parents back home is waiting for his letter to arrive..

Now, I wanna meet him..
Interview him face to face..
I wanna ask him so0o0o0 many questions..

U see guys, sometimes, u never know that even the richers person are still humble like him..
I mean, he could spend his time replying a letter from a stranger..

So, if u admire someone like how I admire him, why not u write a letter to them and just say how u admire them so much and hope that they could reply your letter..
Maybe u guys won't see now how much that letter will inspire u until they replied it..
Now that letter from the Executive Chairman of Rahim & Co really fires me up to succeed in life!!
He is now even my friend..

To Dato' Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman,
Thank you for your inspiring words..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How I Met Your Mother

Assalamualaikum fellas..
How are you??
I'm doing great right now..

Well, today, I wanna tell u fellas about an interesting movie series that u guys should watch..
The movie is..
"How I Met Your Mother"
Ok, to those who has yet to see this movie, u MUST see it!!!
It's truly an amazing story..
I've watched it from season 1 till 4 but still haven't finished it yet..
The movie is about Ted, telling stories to his children on how he met thier mother..
It is really interesting because through out the series and episode,
there must be different stories brought up but it relates to one another..
It is sort of the famous television series of FRIENDS..
But this series, is full of mystery..
I mean, it makes you curious on what happen to him??
What happen to their relationship??

But 1 thing my friend, if you wanna watch this movie,
please don't follow what they're doing..
obviously, they're teaching us to have sex freely with anybody that you like..
That's is 1 thing that is not good about this show..
Other than that, they thought you on how friends should be..
Always on friends bake when they needed us the most..
and Barney thought us on how to hook up with women..
of course, minus the sex please..
But, for those who are still single and looking for a girlfriend,
u should learn from him..

I guess, thats all that I'm writing..
If u wanna know how good is the show,
u better watch it urself..
It's hilarious, romantic, tragedy, sad, happy and fun that u mix in 1 movie..

So, get it!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear readers,
Sorry that I didn't update my blog for a week..
Now, I've just started my new sem..
A lil bit busy doing this and that..
BTW, I've got assignments to be submitted on my 1st day..
A start that I didn't expect..
Anyway, to all my friends whom had just entered University..
May all of u succeed..
Buat assignments dengan b'sungguh2 k..
I'll be back updating soon..

Sunday, June 28, 2009


A tribute to the pop legend..

May Allah bless you..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

From Burn

ok, ni arahan dr en Burn..

1)[printscreen] *current* wallpaper -- jz a simple press of fn+prt sc
2)REASONS why do u like/adore/cherish d dindingkertas ???
3)tag 10 people
4)tekan publish post

Ok, dis is what my wallpaper looks like..

2) As u can see, this is a pic of my family during Hari Raya in 2008.. What's so special about this wallpaper?
I guess, it's because this is our Hari Raya with our new family member..
Iddin the naughty boy..
U see that kid on my mom's lap??
That is Iz-Aldin or we call him Iddin..
Cute but naughty..

Burn,is that enough??

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7th time..

Sorry that I didn't update my blog..
I was admitted to Putra Specialist hotel because...
This time around, it was my 7th time..
Yes, 7th..
7 times in 4 years..
I need my friend to be my orthopaedic..(did I spell it correctly?)
Anyone please??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Men Are Happier

Your last name stays put,
The garage is all yours,
Wedding plans take care of themselves,
Chocolate is just another snack,
You can be president,
or the prime minister,
You can never be pregnant,
You can wear a white t-shirt to a water park,
You can wear no t-shirt to a water park

Car mechanics tell you the truth,
The world is your urinal,
You never have to drive to the petrol station toilet because this one is just to icky,
You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt,
Same work, more pay,
Wrinkles on your face add character,
People never stare at your chest yuo're talking to them

The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected,
New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet,
One mood - all the time,
Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat,
You know stuff about tanks

A five day vacation requires only one suitcase,
You can open all your own jars,
You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness,
If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend

Your underwear is RM 30 for three-pack,
Three pairs of shoes are more than enough,
You almost never have strap problems in public,
You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes,
Everything on your face stays its original colour,
The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades,
You only have to shave your face and neck

You can play with toys all your life,
Your belly usually hides your big hips,
One wallet and one pair of shoes one colour for all season,
You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look,
You can 'do' your nails with a pocket knife,
You have freedom of choice concerning growing a moustache

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tag from cik Syud!

1. How old are you?
19 years old..

2. Are you single?
nope.. I'm Noor Shakila's..

3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?
25-27 maybe??

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?

5. If not, who do you want to marry?

6. Who will be your bridesmaid or your bestman?
Bridesmaid - Adik..

Bestman - Iddin..

7. Do you want a garden/ beach or traditional wedding?

8. Where do you plan to go for honeymoon?
Can't think.. To many places I wanna go.. Maybe, Izmir in Turkey?? But, I'll let her decide..

9. How many guest do you think you’ll invite?
As many as I can.. Member2 wajib!! kedatangan akan di ambil.. Hahaha..

10. Will that include your exes?
Definitely, maybe..

11. How many layers of cake do you want?
2 kot..

12. When do you want to get married? Morning or evening?

13. Name the song/tune you would like to play at your wedding?
Dilemma - Nelly feat kelly rowland..

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon/fork/ knife?
fine dining of course..

15. Champagne of red wine?
Sunquick.. hahaha..

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
a few days after.. get to know her family first..

17. Money or household items?

18. How many kids would you like to have?
A lot!! Hahaha.. A football team.. Hmm.. She probably wouldn't agree.. A futsal team!! 4 boys and a girl..

19. Will your record your honeymoon in DVD and CD?
Absolutely! A walk to remember!

20. I want to know their wedding plan:
- My followers..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally,MU lose..

Assalamualaikum.. Hye fellas.. Having a great day already?? Good. I'm still dwelling about what happen this early morning.. Yeah, I know.. MU lost.. Finally, they lost right?? Hahahaha.. So, are u guys happy?? Although we lost 2-0 to barca, i would say, we already had a tremendous season.. But to close the curtain with a lost isn't the best way to bow out..

Liverpool, Chelsea n Arsenal fans must be laughing in delight after we had lost to Barca right? But think twice before you could laugh boastfully k.. Your teams barely won nothing this season.. I mean NOTHING! Whereas, we, MU, had won the League Cup, Club World Cup and our third consecutive Premier League title.. That still didn't include the Charity Shield.. Chelsea?? Didn't win any yet - up until this weekend FA Cup final.. Arsenal and Liverpool?? LOSERS!! hahahahaha..

Ok, lets see how MU faired at last nite match.. I would say, it wasn't MU who was playing on the field.. But from the kick off, MU started dangerously.. With a couple of shots that didn't really troubling the keeper.. then, after 9minutes, Eto'o scored.. They didn't really 'take care' of messi, Iniesta and Xavi.. Through out the game actually.. They are like 'inviting' them to attack.. totally so not MU.. Messi's goal was a much more disaster I would say.. If someone had closed Xavi's (or Iniesta's) cross, that goal wouldn't happen.. Trust me..

So, congratz to Barca for getting thier dream treble.. MU fans, altough we didn't have the last cheer, its ok.. We have won a handful enough.. Kalau semua MU nk mnang, cm sia2 je buat team besar2 n byr Fabregas mhl2 tp xmnang pape kn?? Hahahaha..

MU will bring back the title next season..

*To all UiTM students, your results will be out on 11th June 2009.. Wait for it!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Burn oh Burn..

1)Bekas kekasih saya adalah..
seorang perempuan

2)Saya sedang mendengar..
lagu Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold

3)Mungkin saya patut..

4)Saya suka...
makan Mi Goreng di LUMUT!! Sedap!!

5)Sahabat-sahabat saya...
suka dota, tido, dota, tido.. hahahaha..

6)Saya tak paham..
kenapa sahabat2 saya begitu.. hahahaha..

7)Saya kehilangan..
jam tgn saya.. dh lme dh.. Hahahaha..

8)Ramai yang berkata..
jadi doktor n engineer itu best.. Yeke???

10)Cinta itu adalah..

11)Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang...
Tido dgn nyenyak nye.. Papa ku ngah 'cas bateri' nye.. Hahaha..

12)Saya akan cuba..
yg terbaik.. Hahahaha..

13)Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud..
xkan berakhir.. sampai bile2..

14)Telefon bimbit saya..
amat penting utk sms sweetie pie saya..

15)Bile saya terjaga..
saya akn gosok tpk kaki.. Hahaha.. try la..

16)Saya paling meluat..
tgk permpuan tergedik2..

17)Pesta/parti adalah..

18)Haiwan yang paling comel penah saya temui..
kambing burn.. hahaha..

19)Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan saya ialah..
now.. bebas... Hahahaha..

20)Hari ini..
MU men kt final.. I repeat.. FINAL..

21)Malam ini saya akan..
Tgk MU mnang bergaya..

22)Esok pula saya akan..
kutuk chelsea, arsenal n liverpool fans.. Hahahahaah..

23)Saya betul2 inginkan..
BMW 5 series..

24)Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini..
Hensem nye.. Hahahaha..

25)Pusat membeli belah atau arked permainan..
shopping complex..

26)Makanan barat atau jepun..
Barat.. Xpnah mkn mknn jepun..

27)Bilik yang terang atau gelap..

28)Makanan segera adalah...
mi maggi..

29)Ayat terakhir yang anda telah katakan pada seseorang..
"Kecoh r ko ni.."-->kepada kakak ku yg agk sengal..

30)Siapa yang anda ingin tag..
sesapa saje..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum.. How are u? I'm great. Sorry that I didn't update my blog.. There's a bit complication on my side actually.. Ahaks! So,today,we'll focus on your career.. I would like to emphasis to those who had juz finished SPM and those who will be sitting it this and years to come.. Although u might not finished school yet, sorting what u will be in the future is vital!! So, today, I wanna talk about being a GEOSCIENTIST.. Actually, I got this info about thru my sis' CLEO Mag.. They interviewed a geoscientist named Puteri Maizura..

It involves carrying out detailed studies of the earth, non-living environment and rock properties.. For example, a petroleum geoscientist performs surveys to identify areas with great hydrocarbon (oil and gas) potential.. They also analyse sub-surface structures, where hydrocarbon resources are trapped.. These areas are then evaluated to determine their commercial viability..

Great opportunity for traavel as it takes u to big cities, jungles, deserts and even sea..

The hours can be long.. A geoscientist is required to be on standby at all times, even on public holidays.. Working in harsh environments, like the desert, can sometimes be difficult as they'll tend to get lonely if they are posted for long periods of time in a foreign country far from families and friends..

Highly competitive and based on experience and expertise.. Afresh graduate can start from RM 30,000 per annum.. Annual increments, or bonuses depend on on your personal - and company's - performance.. However, money isn't everything.. The satisfaction of knowing you've had a hand augmenting your country's energy reserves can't be measured..

A geoscientist will usually progress towards a managerial position or technical specialisation..One could also become a staff geophysicist, principal seismologist or custodian.. Plus, you can also become freelance consultant.. Geoscientist are high in demand worldwide so there are opportunities to work among the best in the global oil and gas industry..

So,I would say, those who are interested in doing chemical engineering or petroleum engineering, y not take the UNCONVENTIONAL way by taking this course.. Yes, u may not entitle to be an engineer but u can be better than that.. a specialist in oil and gas industry! Your knowledge and expertise is your strength! On the other hand, geoscientist are high in demand whereas engineers are plentiful in this world.. People will beg for your knowledge and expertise! *wink.

So, those who are interested in this course, the local university that offer this course are University Teknologi Petronas and University Malaya (as far as I'm concern).. That's all I guess.. See u in my next post..

-Edited from CLEO Magazine..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweetie pie..


Hope you'll succeed in your life..
May ALLAH bless you..
Good luck in your coming final..
I Love You..

With Lots of Love,

Friday, May 15, 2009

Handbag Enthusiasts

Calling all designers' handbag freaks out there..
There is 1 website selling authentic and relica designers handbags..
Ranging from COACH, LV, Christian Dior and lots more..
Pre-loved handbags as well..
Here is the address:
you can just click at
on 'I Z M I R's Blog Lists'
See it first!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home sweet home!!

Yaho0!! I'm home!! I miss home so0o0o0 much!! Exam has finished, no revision n no assignments.. *sigh* But 1 thing I miss though.. My sweetie pie at UTP.. She has like 3more week till she finished her exams and that is a long way to go.. Anyway, good luck syg!!! All the best.. Prove people wrong!!*wink* and 2 my friends at utp, Azam, Rafi, Kama, Haidir, Riduan, Ezad, Ara, Ana, Bila, Syie, Eza, Aira, and Nurin, all the best in your coming exams k.. Aku cuti 2 bulan seh!! Sian korg.. Bace bku lg.. Hahahaha..;p

Ok, fellas.. Thnx for reading.. Wherever you are, please take care of yourself.. Hahaha.


Thursday, May 7, 2009



Champions League Final
May 27th 2009
Rome, Italy

Chelsea, the so called 'champions', are kicked out of Champions League by Barcelona after they had drawn 1-1 at Stamford Bridge.. They go through to the final through the away goal rule.. Well, thank you Barca for rubbing salts at Chelsea'a wound!! Hahaha. I'm really, really happy.. Haha. However, Man U have a tougher opponent to face in the final.. That ain't a good news after all, is it?? I don't mind coz both are my favourite team but I favour Man U more than Barca by the way.. Born to be a Devil.. Hahaha.

To all Chelsea fan, don't watch the finals k.. Or else you'll be crying at home watching Ferdinand lifting the Champions League Cup again.. Hahaha..

See u in the finals!!

-Red Army-

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Menang Bergaya!!!





Sunday, May 3, 2009


Assalamualaikum fellas.. How are you today?? Having a great weekend already?? If yes, good. Well, today I haven't done much as I have to study for my law exam this coming tuesdy.. But I have yet to study.. Hehe. Nevermind, I can start tonight..(hopefully)*wink*

I've been in front of curry's laptop since morning.. Guess wht I've been doing all this while?? I browse to find my ex-schoolmates.. Suddenly I miss them so much!! Hahaha. So, I went to Alumni SBPI Selandar's Blog and started browsing those who have blogs.. I found my seniors and juniors as well.. So, I followed them.. Hopefully they still remember me and still recognize me..They should though.. I was one of the naughtiest student in SBPI Selandar.. Top visitor to Head of Students' affairs office.. Hahaha. Every year, atleast once.. This school brings great memories to me.. Loads of memories!!

I wanna recap my 5 year in Selandar..

I was one of the pioneers of SBPI Selandar.. My batch was the first batch to ever register as a students here.. I still remember the date.. It was 4th August right?? Nothing much happen this year.. It was a total honeymoon for us..Its just that the school don't have any facilities yet during this year.. Not even a public phone!! So, students are allowed to bring their handphones to hostel but not to school..

I was in form 2.. New batch of form 4 registered.. Batch Abg Abu.. We couldn't do much in this year as there are 'seniors' already.. We suddenly became 'public enemy' No. 1 in school.. I still remember Izzuddin had a big fight with Po'ey Sr., Tok Din and Mat Daus.. Since then, we were 'rivals'.. To us, everythng that we had done was wrong.. Hahaha.

PMR year!! The 'seniors' are in their SPM year.. We are still rivals up until a few days before SPM.. It had been the culture of SBPI Selandar's students to seek forgiveness from the whole school in conjunction with these 2 big exams.. So, we forgive them and so do they.. This year was also the year that I was sacked from being a prefect.. Hehehe. I did the stupidiest thing in my life while participating in SBP 10's at STJ.. I was also been sent home for a week.. kene gantung.. Hahaha. My PMR?? 8A's and 1B.. Wanna know what was my B?? History.. I'm really bad at history..Ahaks!!

Form 4!! I applied for Aliran Sians Tulen Agama.. So, I was registered into 4Ibn sina.. I still remember the 'carwash' group.. Hahaha. Po'ey Jr, Fakha n Afham.. This year was also the year that I had dislocated my right shoulder while playing rugby at MOZAC on 13th February!! I can still remember the date because it was my brother's birthday, Idlan.. This was also the year my sweetie pie registered in this school.. This was also the year that my class acted during Merdeka Eve.. Haha. Abg J was the PM!! Merdeka!! Hahaha.

Senior year!! This year was the best year ever.. And a memorable one as well.. Our batch had a dinner at Everly Hotel in Klebang, lots of extra classes and lots of exams and tests!! This year was also the year that I had dislocated my shoulder 6days before SPM!! Wanna know how it had dislocated?? Menggeliat dalam toilet.. Hahhaha. Silly isn't it?? So, I had done the SPM with a computer and I was isolated with others as I was a special candidate.. So, how well did I do for my SPM?? 4A1,4A2,3B3 and 1B4.. Alhamdulillah..

Now that I am an ex-SBPIS, I miss school, I miss my frens, I miss my teachers especially Abg B!! Hahaha. To all my frens worlwide, especially my batch, may god bless all of u.. Miss all of u!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hye fellas..
How are u??
I'm well, thank u..

Sorry that I didn't update my blog because this UiTM had a problem with their wireless..
So, couldn't online..
Thousands of apologizes..

I have 5 more final papers left..
the latest that I had done was on tues..
Town and country planning..
I think that I did preety well..
Actually, I didn't understand what the questions want..
So, we juz have to wait and see on the results then..

My last paper is on 10th May..
can't wait to go home because I miss that naughty Iddin So0o0o0 much..
On the same time, I feel heavy hearted to leave my sweetie pie here..:(
Syg, ikut b blk la..
Don't worry ek syg..
I'll spare my time during semester break to go n c u..
Luv U!!!

To all my friends worldwide..
wherever u are..
May god bless u..
And to those who are taking their finals,
Gut luck fellas!!
Toi Toi Toi!!!

With love,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 down, 6 to go..

Hello readers.. How are you?? Sorry that I didn't update my blog quite a while.. Really have to catch up with my studies as now is the exam month.. Today I have this valuation exam.. Started at 9am and ands at 12pm.. So, how did I do?? It was a complete disaster.. I didn't convert the subject property from acres to hectares.. Damn!! Besides that, overall, I forgot everything and blurred all the way through the exam.. Hopes are high that atleast my carry-marks is enough to cover the lost ground made in the exam..

So, Valuation, the core subjects had passed and now, I have to face Town and Country Planning's paper.. Hopefully I could do better than valuation as I need to pick myself up to face 6 more papers in coming weeks..

So guyz, wish me luck k..


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear God..

Mood : Missing My Sweetie Pie!!
Music : Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold

Dear God
Avenged Sevenfold

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line,
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find
while I recall all the words you spoke to me
can't help but I wish that I was there
Back where I'd love to be, oh yeah

Dear God the only thing I ask of you is
to hold her when I'm not around
when I'm too much far away
we all need that person who can be true to you
but I left her when I found her
And now I wish I'd stayed
'cause I'm lonely and I'm tired
I'm missing you again
oh no..
once again

There's nothing here for me on this barren road
There's no one here while the city sleeps
and all the shops are closed
can't help but think of the times I've had with you
pictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeah

Some search, never finding a way
before long, they waste away
I found you, something told me to stay
I gave in, to selfish ways
and how I miss someone to hold
when hope begins to fade...

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line,
Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find

*currently stucked with avenged sevenfold's musics.
Dear God, I hope my mama, papa, Kak Yaya, Irshad, Idlan, Imran n the naughty Iddin are in a pink of health..
To my sweetie pie, I wish u were here right now with me..
Dear God, bless our relationship..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On this 2nd day of study week
I'm here
juz ran away from 4days of fever
don't know what to do
miss Iddin
miss Mama n Papa
Miss Yaya, irshad, Ilan, n Im
miss my sweetie pie so0o much
miss home
can't go back
have to study
need to catch things up
really hungry.. hehehe.
Don't know what to say
Can't think..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What day were you born?

Assalamualaikum.. Hye everyone.. Already missed me??*wink* hehehe. Hey fellas, do you know which day were you born? I guess it would be too hard to find the calendar of your date of birth isn't it?? So, why not try this mathematic calculation instead..

A= The last 2 digits of the year you were born
B= Divide it by 4
C= Your date of birth
D= Your month code ----- (jan-0, feb-3, march-3, april-6, may-1, june-4, july-6, aug-2, sept-5, oct-0, nov-3, dec-5)

Then, you add A, B, C and D (A+B+C+D).. Once youve got your answer, you divide it with 7. The remainder that you got shows the day you were born according to the code here:-

0- Sunday
1- Monday
2- Tuesday
3- Wednesday
4- Thursday
5- Friday
6- Saturday
Still didn't get it?? Why not I give you an example of my birthday.. Ok, I was born on 26th February 1990..
A= 90
B= 23
C= 26
D= 3
So, once I've totalled up everything, I got 142.. Then, I have to divide it by 7.. I got 20 with a remainder of 2.. This means that that I was born on tuesday.. Hahaha. Now I know what day I was born.. Hehehe.
Try it k.. Then you tell me what were you born..
*For those who were born on jan and feb in a leap-year, you have to subtract 1 from the remainder that you've got..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Weekend!!

Assalamualaikum.. Hye everyone.. How are u today?? I'm great but feels like my head is about to explode.. Hahaha. Right now, I'm catching up with the world out there.. Especially, the 3 by-elections which will be held tomorrow.. So many hot stories out there..

Well, I'll talk politics later.. haha.

Last saturday, was a busy schedule for me.. I had to woke up as early as 8am coz I have to go for a 'Latihan Medan' at Balai Bomba Seri Iskandar.. I'm a fire brigade cadet here in uitm.. So, I have to attend this latihan to get marks for my final.. My first thought was that this event would be horrible to go to.. But my perception was wrong.. U see, I like to do adventurous things.. And frankly, it was exciting.. Especially dapat mandi sungai.. Damn great.. Pas mandi sungai, mandi air pili bomba lak.. I got some great experience attending this programme.. Have u guyz ever hold hos bomba?? First experience pegang hos 2 and 'shower' kn team ak.. It's heavy because the water runs very fast in it.. We finished at 5pm and arrived at about 6pm at uitm..

I took a rest and I shoot to ipoh at 9pm.. I was alone going there coz my sweetie pie had gone there earlier with her friends.. So, I drove real fast coz I have to reach there before 9.40pm to watch movie with her and all of our friends.. she said they bought us 2tickets to watch '........ valentine'.. I thought it was going to be a romantic story.. But I was wrong.. It was a psyco movie!!! 'Bloody Valentines'!!! Full of blood and that Harry Warden kills with no mercy!! But I would say, it was a great movie.. I would give 4 out of 5..

After the movie, we went to gerbang malam in Ipoh coz she wants to buy tudung.. Unfortunately, there weren't any.. But, she bought me something though.. haha.. It's juz between me and her.. *wink* Then, we went to have supper.. actually, it was my dinner.. hahaha. Really kenyang coz I ate so much that night.. I was really hungry..

We arrived at utp at abt 3am and went to bed at about 4am.. ZzzZzzzZ..

Well, although tiring on that day, it was a lot of fun.. Especially when I am with her.. Laughing non-stop.. ;p Love her so0o0o0o0o0 much!!

So, that is another weekend for me..



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hye guyz.. How are you? Long time no see.. Hehe. Sorry that I didn't update my blog for quite some time right now.. You see, my finals is like 21days to go but I haven't covered everything yet.. Yet, I have to submit an assignment to my lecturer and do the presentations in front of my batch.. It's freaking me out.. That still doesn't include all the tests lecturers wanna do the whole of next week.. Damn!!

However, I do feel there is a slight advantage when lecturers do the tests towards the end compared to doing it early as we can prepare ourselves for not only for the tests but also for the exams.. That is one good advantage that I saw.. If we had done it earlier, we could've forgotten come the end but we could revise it back though..

So, to all UiTM students especially my friends, to name a few, Ijat, Curry, Bijan, J, K, Hashim, Rais, John, Syami-kolai, Iskandar, Eddy, Hanif, Haru, Bob, and Sabar, Gut luck!! To all my classmates and all EM students part 2, the best of luck to all of u.. Not forgotten, my lovely sis kat UiTM Melaka 2, Yaya, may god eases u through out the exam month.. If u r reading this, don't forget to ring me.. Haha.;D

To Mama and Papa, sorry that I couldn't make it home this study week as I have to revise everything and I hope that u could pray for my success.. Ma, my DL last sem is for u.. Send my regards to all at home.. Miss all so0o0o0o0o much!! Especially the very naughty Iddin!!;p

To my blog frens who will be sitting for their finals in their respective universities, Gut Luck as well.. Germans say it this way, Toi Toi Toi!!

So guyz, wish me luck k..



Friday, March 20, 2009

Pangkor Island

Assalamualaikum... Hye readers.. How are you?? Hopefully u r doing great.. Sorry that I didn't update my blog too often recently.. I'm busy with assignments, tests and also my department's dinner which will be held next week on the 27th.. Sorry k guys..

So, for todays entry, I would like to write about my trip to Pangkor Island last weekend.. I went there along with Curry, Ijat, Bijan, J, Hashim, Syami n John..

14th March 2009 (saturday)

9am- Woke up and get ready for the trip..
10am- Had our breakfast and waited for the bus to Lumut..
12pm- Bought our ferry ticket to Pangkor Island..
12.30pm- Boarded the ferry and off to Pangkor!!!
1pm- Arrived at Pangkor Island and checked-in into the hotel at Pasir Bogak..
2pm- Had lunch and slept till eve..
5pm- MANDI LAUT!!!!!
7pm- Everybody rushed to get themselves ready to watch MU vs Liverpool..
9pm- Watched the game..
11pm- Damn!! MU lost!!
2am- Went back to room and chit-chatting and zZzzZZzz..

15th March 2009 (sunday)

9am- Me, Ijat n John woke up early to Mandi Laut lg.. ;D
12pm- Checked-out of the hotel..
12.30pm- Had lunch and went back to the campus..
6pm- Arrived campus..

So,what should I rate our trip to Pangkor? Mandi laut, 5 Star.. Hotel, 4 Star.. Activity in Pangkor, 3 Star.. Overall, I would give 4 Star.. In my opinion, if u wanna stay there for a week, better don't unless u have some great activity lined-up for u and u really wanna stay far far away from ur work and relax.. U wanna know why? The shops are dead by 9pm and u don't know where u should go and what should u do.. So, I would say, better stay in Pangkor for the weekend, the most..

I'll put some pics later k.. The internet in UiTM rite know won't allow me to do that.. ;p

So, guyz, c u later k..


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Luck..

Hye everyone.. How are you?? I'm great.. I am at home right now coz I have this big project regarding conservation of national heritage.. So, my group and I chose Portugis' Settlement in Ujong Pasir.. Well, I don't wanna talk about that.. As we all know, SPM results is juz around the corner.. Some say it would be released on the 12th and some even said it will be released on the 13th.. Although with all these rumours, our ministry still keeps it mum on when will it be released..

So, those who are going to take the results, u better get yourself ready mentally and physically.. What ever the outcome, be grateful of what u get.. It's God willings.. Remember, you've tried ur best..

Hence, I would like to wish all the best of luck to all SPM 2008 candidates who will be taking their results in the near future.. Especially, those who are from Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Selandar, Melaka (SBPIS).. May all of you succeed with flying colours.. Don't forget to send my regards to all the teachers there..

To all my bloggers frens who will be taking thier results as well, I would also wish all of u good luck.. Whatever the outcomes, remember, hit me back.. Hahahaha..

And to those who have any relatives or siblings who will take thier results, say to them that I wish them the best of luck k..

c u later alligator..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

An early 'birthday present'...

Hye!! Assalamualaikum.. How are u today?? I'm good.. ;p Sorry that I 'left' this blog quite sometime.. I'm quite busy with my work load actually.. 3 assignments to be submitted in a space of less than a month.. That still doesn't count other activities that I'm involve here.. ;p

From 24th-26th, my department is organizing a sports day for the department.. So, as usual, for the love of sports, I participated in a futsal tournament.. I have a regular futsal team here.. Our team are called 'Extraordinary'(promote team ni..hehehehe).. We was 2nd last sem.. So, we're thinking of going one place better this time around.. On the 1st nite(actually,the sports day is been held in the night), our 1st opponent was...... Guess who?? It was our lecturers!! Mind them.. They are fast and skillful as well.. Actually, our lecturers in our department mostly are less than 30 years old.. So, no wonder they can make u work ur socks off.. Luckily, we manage to eliminate them by winning 2-1.. Hahaha.. ;D We have yet to lose against them.. ;p (En Halil, sy dh bg en goal 1.. So,en Halil kene bg saya A+ utk Valuation sy.. Hahaha..)

Our match was continued yesterday.. This time, we met part 1 a.k.a 1st sem students punya team.. It was this game that it all happened.. We were leading by a goal to nil and it was in the 2nd half.. The opponent team got a corner kick.. I, who was the goalie last nite, guarded the near post.. As the opponent team kicked the ball, I quickly get ready to make a save if there was any shot from anyone of them.. Suddenly, I felt my right shoulder was loose.. Damn!! I DISLOCATE MY SHOULDER again.. I quickly left the court and went to the mens changing room.. All the people advised me to go to the hospital but I refused.. U wanna know why?? Because the doctors here, they don't treat u like a patient.. Trust me.. They mind their hungry prot than ur sickness or ur agony.. So, I decided to 'put back' my shoulder in its place by MYSELF..

I tried the easier way and also the hard way.. The easier way is by meniarap kat tmpt tinggi n unjur kan tgnke bwh.. Then, nnt tulang 2 akn masuk sendri.. But it seem that it didn't work.. So, I tried the hard way.. Wanna know how?? korg 'tolak' tulang 2 masuk.. But still can't either..

I have no choice left but to go to the hospital.. So, En Farid sent me to the 'hospital'..;p As I expected, they don't seem to care how much pain are u in.. Ade ke patut diorg nk psg anduh kt tgn ak, diorg men pulas2 je.. Meraung ak jap.. Hahahaha.. Bengong pnya MA.. After they had my arm in the arm's sling, they asked me to rest on a couch while waiting to be x-rayed.. While waiting, I saw an available bed nearby.. So, I went to the bed and meniarap.. I was trying the easier way.. 5 minute after that, 'it' was in.. Hahahaha.. Bengong gak shoulder ak ni.. Kat hospital gak la yg die nk masuk.. So, I went to the Dr's desk and sit in front of her.. She was shocked to see me in front of her being ok.. Hehehehe.. So, she checked and said that it's in its place.. U c, I don't need a doctor.. Coz I'm better than them!! Hahahahaha.. Juz kiddng.. ;p

So, that was my experience of dislocating my shoulder an hour before my birthday.. Hahahaha.. An early 'birthday present'.. Hehehehe...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tagged from Nadia

1. Name one person who make you laugh last night?
- My Sweetie pie!! She always does!!

2.What were you doing at 0800?
- Pi register my block's family and sports day..

3.What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- Adjusting to my new template..:p

4.What happened to you in 2006?
- Dislocated my shoulder..

5.What was the last thing you said out loud?
- John, bangun!! Hahaha..

6.How many beverages did you have today?
- Once.

7.What color is your hairbrush?
- Blue..

8.Was was the last thing you paid for?
- Makan mlm smlm..

9.Where were you last night?
- on my bed..

10. What color is your front door?
- cream..

11.Where do you keep your change?
- pockets, piggy bank, locker, on my table..:p

12.What's the weather like today?
- Sunshine!!

13.What's the best ice-cream flavor?
- Chocolate ;p

14.What excites you?
- My sweetie pie!!

15.Do you want to cut your hair?
- Right now, no.. But I will if it's too long and rimas..

16. Are you over the age of 25?
- Nope..turn 19 next week..

17.Do you talk a lot?
- sometimes

18.Do you watch the O.C?
- No

19.Do you know anyone named steven?
- Steven Gerrard?? The Liverpool midfielder..

20.Do you make up your own words?
- Not always.

21. Are you a jealous person?
- Yes I am..

22.Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.
- Ahmad Munzir a.k.a J!

23.Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
- Khalidah Amira a.k.a Kelly..:p

24. Who's the first person on your received call list?
- 'Laling' (my sweetie pie)..

25.What does the last text message you received say?
- B,ngntk nye..

'26. Do you chew on you straw?
- Nope..

27.Do you have curly hair?
- (geleng2)

28. Where's the next place you're going to?
- To da toilet!!

29.Who's the rudest person in your life?
- No one..

30.What was the last thing you ate?
- Roti High 5..

31.Will you get married in the future?
- Absolutely!!

32. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks?
- Ocean's 13..

33.Is there anyone you like right now?
- no.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
- 2 days ago.. Basuh pinggan Curry..

35. Are you currently depressed?
- Nope.. Juz bored..

36.Did you cry today?
- No..

37. Tag 1,2,3,4 or 5 people who would do this survey.
-Ezza hahaha..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Asslamualaikum.. Is anybody in da house?? Hehe..
How are u?? Great?? Good..
I've never felt better before.. hehe..
So, my topic for today is about 'indies'..
What is actually behind the words of 'indies'??
Where does the word come from??

Well, for those who has yet to know what does 'indie' means,
it came from the word 'independant'..
This also means that anybody or an organization who can 'stand on their own feet'..

Indies are similar to 'hippies' in the 60's..
It's just that it is much more broader in term of what they are 'fighting' for..
hippies are more towards musics and ur dressing..
but indies are different..
In Malaysia, when u said about indies, people always misunderstood that it only means
'indie bands' such as Meet Uncle Hussein(AJL winner), Bittersweet and Bunkface(they rock!!!)..
But actually, indies are much broader than that..
It involves all those indie designers, indie bloggers or indie artists as well..
Surprise ha??
Dah agk dah.. Hehe..

But that is the fact..
For ur info, we have loads of talented indie designers and artists or bloggers as well out there..
Pity them that no one notice them..:'(
To name a few..
The Frou Frou
Bangkit who design T-shirts..
Mimpi Murni Jewellry
n so lots more..

They are specialise in handmade crafts and could be found at gigs normally..
So, that's why we should support these 'independants'
because they got 'pure talent'..
They 'design' what they wanna do..
They fork out their own money to 'survive'..
They don't have an 'office' to operate..
They do arts and design for a living..
They do arts with lots of hearts..
So, fellas..
Support indies!!
Buy handmades..
I've made my pledge..
When will u??

*U can view Frou Frou's blog and also make a pledge by clicking the links under the survey.. For independant supporters, make an account in 'indie public'..