Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gadis ku Dalam Koma..

Ok, first and foremost, the title is only a title..
Actually, my sweetie pie,
Noor Shakila Bt. Abd Rahman
is now quarantined at her kolej..
She went to the clinic this evening and her temperature was 38.6 degrees celcius..
Damn that's high!
She is coughing for like more than 3days already..
She is a suspect of that damn swine flu..

Hope she'll be getting well sooner rather than later..
Really miss her right now..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back Home..

Assalamualaikum everyone..
how are you today??
Hopefully you're great..

Hey fellas, have you heard that UiTM Seri Iskandar n Penang had closed??
Yup! It's my campus..
Actually, until now, i still don't know how much were suspected..
but according to the star newspaper, my campus totalled up to 280 suspects..
frightening right??
if I'm not mistaken, the number rose in just 2days..
So, here I am..
away from lecturers and classes for a week till 29th..

So far, I'm healthy..
I just have to beware and take care of myself..

To all my friends worldwide, take care of yourself k..
take a good care of your self hygiene..
Try to stay away from sick people..
And if you're sick, please go to see your doctor..

"Prevention is Better Than Cure"

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm in cloud 9 last nite!!

Ok, here's the story..
B4 I went back to U, I wrote a letter to Dato' Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman..
Who is he??
Ok, u may not know him because you're from a different line..
I mean, in different field of studies..
But if you're in property sector, he is the only successful BUMIPUTERA property consultant..
I mean, he has his own company, named...
Rahim & Co...

So, I wrote him a letter seeking his inspiration and hopefully could obtain a scholarship from him..
But yesterday night, his PA emailed me his letter that he WROTE himself!!
My parents back home is waiting for his letter to arrive..

Now, I wanna meet him..
Interview him face to face..
I wanna ask him so0o0o0 many questions..

U see guys, sometimes, u never know that even the richers person are still humble like him..
I mean, he could spend his time replying a letter from a stranger..

So, if u admire someone like how I admire him, why not u write a letter to them and just say how u admire them so much and hope that they could reply your letter..
Maybe u guys won't see now how much that letter will inspire u until they replied it..
Now that letter from the Executive Chairman of Rahim & Co really fires me up to succeed in life!!
He is now even my friend..

To Dato' Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman,
Thank you for your inspiring words..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How I Met Your Mother

Assalamualaikum fellas..
How are you??
I'm doing great right now..

Well, today, I wanna tell u fellas about an interesting movie series that u guys should watch..
The movie is..
"How I Met Your Mother"
Ok, to those who has yet to see this movie, u MUST see it!!!
It's truly an amazing story..
I've watched it from season 1 till 4 but still haven't finished it yet..
The movie is about Ted, telling stories to his children on how he met thier mother..
It is really interesting because through out the series and episode,
there must be different stories brought up but it relates to one another..
It is sort of the famous television series of FRIENDS..
But this series, is full of mystery..
I mean, it makes you curious on what happen to him??
What happen to their relationship??

But 1 thing my friend, if you wanna watch this movie,
please don't follow what they're doing..
obviously, they're teaching us to have sex freely with anybody that you like..
That's is 1 thing that is not good about this show..
Other than that, they thought you on how friends should be..
Always on friends bake when they needed us the most..
and Barney thought us on how to hook up with women..
of course, minus the sex please..
But, for those who are still single and looking for a girlfriend,
u should learn from him..

I guess, thats all that I'm writing..
If u wanna know how good is the show,
u better watch it urself..
It's hilarious, romantic, tragedy, sad, happy and fun that u mix in 1 movie..

So, get it!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear readers,
Sorry that I didn't update my blog for a week..
Now, I've just started my new sem..
A lil bit busy doing this and that..
BTW, I've got assignments to be submitted on my 1st day..
A start that I didn't expect..
Anyway, to all my friends whom had just entered University..
May all of u succeed..
Buat assignments dengan b'sungguh2 k..
I'll be back updating soon..