Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally,MU lose..

Assalamualaikum.. Hye fellas.. Having a great day already?? Good. I'm still dwelling about what happen this early morning.. Yeah, I know.. MU lost.. Finally, they lost right?? Hahahaha.. So, are u guys happy?? Although we lost 2-0 to barca, i would say, we already had a tremendous season.. But to close the curtain with a lost isn't the best way to bow out..

Liverpool, Chelsea n Arsenal fans must be laughing in delight after we had lost to Barca right? But think twice before you could laugh boastfully k.. Your teams barely won nothing this season.. I mean NOTHING! Whereas, we, MU, had won the League Cup, Club World Cup and our third consecutive Premier League title.. That still didn't include the Charity Shield.. Chelsea?? Didn't win any yet - up until this weekend FA Cup final.. Arsenal and Liverpool?? LOSERS!! hahahahaha..

Ok, lets see how MU faired at last nite match.. I would say, it wasn't MU who was playing on the field.. But from the kick off, MU started dangerously.. With a couple of shots that didn't really troubling the keeper.. then, after 9minutes, Eto'o scored.. They didn't really 'take care' of messi, Iniesta and Xavi.. Through out the game actually.. They are like 'inviting' them to attack.. totally so not MU.. Messi's goal was a much more disaster I would say.. If someone had closed Xavi's (or Iniesta's) cross, that goal wouldn't happen.. Trust me..

So, congratz to Barca for getting thier dream treble.. MU fans, altough we didn't have the last cheer, its ok.. We have won a handful enough.. Kalau semua MU nk mnang, cm sia2 je buat team besar2 n byr Fabregas mhl2 tp xmnang pape kn?? Hahahaha..

MU will bring back the title next season..

*To all UiTM students, your results will be out on 11th June 2009.. Wait for it!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Burn oh Burn..

1)Bekas kekasih saya adalah..
seorang perempuan

2)Saya sedang mendengar..
lagu Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold

3)Mungkin saya patut..

4)Saya suka...
makan Mi Goreng di LUMUT!! Sedap!!

5)Sahabat-sahabat saya...
suka dota, tido, dota, tido.. hahahaha..

6)Saya tak paham..
kenapa sahabat2 saya begitu.. hahahaha..

7)Saya kehilangan..
jam tgn saya.. dh lme dh.. Hahahaha..

8)Ramai yang berkata..
jadi doktor n engineer itu best.. Yeke???

10)Cinta itu adalah..

11)Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang...
Tido dgn nyenyak nye.. Papa ku ngah 'cas bateri' nye.. Hahaha..

12)Saya akan cuba..
yg terbaik.. Hahahaha..

13)Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud..
xkan berakhir.. sampai bile2..

14)Telefon bimbit saya..
amat penting utk sms sweetie pie saya..

15)Bile saya terjaga..
saya akn gosok tpk kaki.. Hahaha.. try la..

16)Saya paling meluat..
tgk permpuan tergedik2..

17)Pesta/parti adalah..

18)Haiwan yang paling comel penah saya temui..
kambing burn.. hahaha..

19)Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan saya ialah..
now.. bebas... Hahahaha..

20)Hari ini..
MU men kt final.. I repeat.. FINAL..

21)Malam ini saya akan..
Tgk MU mnang bergaya..

22)Esok pula saya akan..
kutuk chelsea, arsenal n liverpool fans.. Hahahahaah..

23)Saya betul2 inginkan..
BMW 5 series..

24)Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini..
Hensem nye.. Hahahaha..

25)Pusat membeli belah atau arked permainan..
shopping complex..

26)Makanan barat atau jepun..
Barat.. Xpnah mkn mknn jepun..

27)Bilik yang terang atau gelap..

28)Makanan segera adalah...
mi maggi..

29)Ayat terakhir yang anda telah katakan pada seseorang..
"Kecoh r ko ni.."-->kepada kakak ku yg agk sengal..

30)Siapa yang anda ingin tag..
sesapa saje..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum.. How are u? I'm great. Sorry that I didn't update my blog.. There's a bit complication on my side actually.. Ahaks! So,today,we'll focus on your career.. I would like to emphasis to those who had juz finished SPM and those who will be sitting it this and years to come.. Although u might not finished school yet, sorting what u will be in the future is vital!! So, today, I wanna talk about being a GEOSCIENTIST.. Actually, I got this info about thru my sis' CLEO Mag.. They interviewed a geoscientist named Puteri Maizura..

It involves carrying out detailed studies of the earth, non-living environment and rock properties.. For example, a petroleum geoscientist performs surveys to identify areas with great hydrocarbon (oil and gas) potential.. They also analyse sub-surface structures, where hydrocarbon resources are trapped.. These areas are then evaluated to determine their commercial viability..

Great opportunity for traavel as it takes u to big cities, jungles, deserts and even sea..

The hours can be long.. A geoscientist is required to be on standby at all times, even on public holidays.. Working in harsh environments, like the desert, can sometimes be difficult as they'll tend to get lonely if they are posted for long periods of time in a foreign country far from families and friends..

Highly competitive and based on experience and expertise.. Afresh graduate can start from RM 30,000 per annum.. Annual increments, or bonuses depend on on your personal - and company's - performance.. However, money isn't everything.. The satisfaction of knowing you've had a hand augmenting your country's energy reserves can't be measured..

A geoscientist will usually progress towards a managerial position or technical specialisation..One could also become a staff geophysicist, principal seismologist or custodian.. Plus, you can also become freelance consultant.. Geoscientist are high in demand worldwide so there are opportunities to work among the best in the global oil and gas industry..

So,I would say, those who are interested in doing chemical engineering or petroleum engineering, y not take the UNCONVENTIONAL way by taking this course.. Yes, u may not entitle to be an engineer but u can be better than that.. a specialist in oil and gas industry! Your knowledge and expertise is your strength! On the other hand, geoscientist are high in demand whereas engineers are plentiful in this world.. People will beg for your knowledge and expertise! *wink.

So, those who are interested in this course, the local university that offer this course are University Teknologi Petronas and University Malaya (as far as I'm concern).. That's all I guess.. See u in my next post..

-Edited from CLEO Magazine..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweetie pie..


Hope you'll succeed in your life..
May ALLAH bless you..
Good luck in your coming final..
I Love You..

With Lots of Love,

Friday, May 15, 2009

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home sweet home!!

Yaho0!! I'm home!! I miss home so0o0o0 much!! Exam has finished, no revision n no assignments.. *sigh* But 1 thing I miss though.. My sweetie pie at UTP.. She has like 3more week till she finished her exams and that is a long way to go.. Anyway, good luck syg!!! All the best.. Prove people wrong!!*wink* and 2 my friends at utp, Azam, Rafi, Kama, Haidir, Riduan, Ezad, Ara, Ana, Bila, Syie, Eza, Aira, and Nurin, all the best in your coming exams k.. Aku cuti 2 bulan seh!! Sian korg.. Bace bku lg.. Hahahaha..;p

Ok, fellas.. Thnx for reading.. Wherever you are, please take care of yourself.. Hahaha.


Thursday, May 7, 2009



Champions League Final
May 27th 2009
Rome, Italy

Chelsea, the so called 'champions', are kicked out of Champions League by Barcelona after they had drawn 1-1 at Stamford Bridge.. They go through to the final through the away goal rule.. Well, thank you Barca for rubbing salts at Chelsea'a wound!! Hahaha. I'm really, really happy.. Haha. However, Man U have a tougher opponent to face in the final.. That ain't a good news after all, is it?? I don't mind coz both are my favourite team but I favour Man U more than Barca by the way.. Born to be a Devil.. Hahaha.

To all Chelsea fan, don't watch the finals k.. Or else you'll be crying at home watching Ferdinand lifting the Champions League Cup again.. Hahaha..

See u in the finals!!

-Red Army-

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Menang Bergaya!!!





Sunday, May 3, 2009


Assalamualaikum fellas.. How are you today?? Having a great weekend already?? If yes, good. Well, today I haven't done much as I have to study for my law exam this coming tuesdy.. But I have yet to study.. Hehe. Nevermind, I can start tonight..(hopefully)*wink*

I've been in front of curry's laptop since morning.. Guess wht I've been doing all this while?? I browse to find my ex-schoolmates.. Suddenly I miss them so much!! Hahaha. So, I went to Alumni SBPI Selandar's Blog and started browsing those who have blogs.. I found my seniors and juniors as well.. So, I followed them.. Hopefully they still remember me and still recognize me..They should though.. I was one of the naughtiest student in SBPI Selandar.. Top visitor to Head of Students' affairs office.. Hahaha. Every year, atleast once.. This school brings great memories to me.. Loads of memories!!

I wanna recap my 5 year in Selandar..

I was one of the pioneers of SBPI Selandar.. My batch was the first batch to ever register as a students here.. I still remember the date.. It was 4th August right?? Nothing much happen this year.. It was a total honeymoon for us..Its just that the school don't have any facilities yet during this year.. Not even a public phone!! So, students are allowed to bring their handphones to hostel but not to school..

I was in form 2.. New batch of form 4 registered.. Batch Abg Abu.. We couldn't do much in this year as there are 'seniors' already.. We suddenly became 'public enemy' No. 1 in school.. I still remember Izzuddin had a big fight with Po'ey Sr., Tok Din and Mat Daus.. Since then, we were 'rivals'.. To us, everythng that we had done was wrong.. Hahaha.

PMR year!! The 'seniors' are in their SPM year.. We are still rivals up until a few days before SPM.. It had been the culture of SBPI Selandar's students to seek forgiveness from the whole school in conjunction with these 2 big exams.. So, we forgive them and so do they.. This year was also the year that I was sacked from being a prefect.. Hehehe. I did the stupidiest thing in my life while participating in SBP 10's at STJ.. I was also been sent home for a week.. kene gantung.. Hahaha. My PMR?? 8A's and 1B.. Wanna know what was my B?? History.. I'm really bad at history..Ahaks!!

Form 4!! I applied for Aliran Sians Tulen Agama.. So, I was registered into 4Ibn sina.. I still remember the 'carwash' group.. Hahaha. Po'ey Jr, Fakha n Afham.. This year was also the year that I had dislocated my right shoulder while playing rugby at MOZAC on 13th February!! I can still remember the date because it was my brother's birthday, Idlan.. This was also the year my sweetie pie registered in this school.. This was also the year that my class acted during Merdeka Eve.. Haha. Abg J was the PM!! Merdeka!! Hahaha.

Senior year!! This year was the best year ever.. And a memorable one as well.. Our batch had a dinner at Everly Hotel in Klebang, lots of extra classes and lots of exams and tests!! This year was also the year that I had dislocated my shoulder 6days before SPM!! Wanna know how it had dislocated?? Menggeliat dalam toilet.. Hahhaha. Silly isn't it?? So, I had done the SPM with a computer and I was isolated with others as I was a special candidate.. So, how well did I do for my SPM?? 4A1,4A2,3B3 and 1B4.. Alhamdulillah..

Now that I am an ex-SBPIS, I miss school, I miss my frens, I miss my teachers especially Abg B!! Hahaha. To all my frens worlwide, especially my batch, may god bless all of u.. Miss all of u!!