Friday, March 20, 2009

Pangkor Island

Assalamualaikum... Hye readers.. How are you?? Hopefully u r doing great.. Sorry that I didn't update my blog too often recently.. I'm busy with assignments, tests and also my department's dinner which will be held next week on the 27th.. Sorry k guys..

So, for todays entry, I would like to write about my trip to Pangkor Island last weekend.. I went there along with Curry, Ijat, Bijan, J, Hashim, Syami n John..

14th March 2009 (saturday)

9am- Woke up and get ready for the trip..
10am- Had our breakfast and waited for the bus to Lumut..
12pm- Bought our ferry ticket to Pangkor Island..
12.30pm- Boarded the ferry and off to Pangkor!!!
1pm- Arrived at Pangkor Island and checked-in into the hotel at Pasir Bogak..
2pm- Had lunch and slept till eve..
5pm- MANDI LAUT!!!!!
7pm- Everybody rushed to get themselves ready to watch MU vs Liverpool..
9pm- Watched the game..
11pm- Damn!! MU lost!!
2am- Went back to room and chit-chatting and zZzzZZzz..

15th March 2009 (sunday)

9am- Me, Ijat n John woke up early to Mandi Laut lg.. ;D
12pm- Checked-out of the hotel..
12.30pm- Had lunch and went back to the campus..
6pm- Arrived campus..

So,what should I rate our trip to Pangkor? Mandi laut, 5 Star.. Hotel, 4 Star.. Activity in Pangkor, 3 Star.. Overall, I would give 4 Star.. In my opinion, if u wanna stay there for a week, better don't unless u have some great activity lined-up for u and u really wanna stay far far away from ur work and relax.. U wanna know why? The shops are dead by 9pm and u don't know where u should go and what should u do.. So, I would say, better stay in Pangkor for the weekend, the most..

I'll put some pics later k.. The internet in UiTM rite know won't allow me to do that.. ;p

So, guyz, c u later k..



Insomnia Guy said...

citer pasal pangkor...
td aku baru je presentation internet programming...
bt web ttg pangkor la...
best g pangkor?

I Z M I R said...

Klu ko p rmai2 n mmg korg mnat men air,mmg best abis la..
Ade snorkling,banana boat, jet ski n len2.. Kire bleh thn la..
Tapi klu ko p sorg n ko lak xmnat men air,bttr xyah p.. xidup lngsng kt sne.. HAhahaha.. xde bnd ko nk wt..

Sinido Ejat said...

waalaikumsalam .. aku pon cadang nak gi pangkor ... berapa kos agak2 nye?

I Z M I R said...

klu ko drive sendri ke lumut n nk p sne utk berenang semata2.. RM50 is enough..
tp klu ko nek bas ke lumut n nk bernang semata2..rm 70 pun dh ckup..
klu ko nk snorkeling ke,nek banana boat,tmbh lg rm50-100.. klu nk tido skali,ko tmbh lg rm150 utk 1mlm..

tp aku advise,better klu ko p rmai2..bleh cutting,kire lg murah la..

have a nice holiday..;D

tapai ubi said...

aku mcm kenal laa ko nie..ko izmir la kn..jnior ptronas aku dulu..?? btuul x btul nie?? jgn lupe usya blog aku