Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Weekend!!

Assalamualaikum.. Hye everyone.. How are u today?? I'm great but feels like my head is about to explode.. Hahaha. Right now, I'm catching up with the world out there.. Especially, the 3 by-elections which will be held tomorrow.. So many hot stories out there..

Well, I'll talk politics later.. haha.

Last saturday, was a busy schedule for me.. I had to woke up as early as 8am coz I have to go for a 'Latihan Medan' at Balai Bomba Seri Iskandar.. I'm a fire brigade cadet here in uitm.. So, I have to attend this latihan to get marks for my final.. My first thought was that this event would be horrible to go to.. But my perception was wrong.. U see, I like to do adventurous things.. And frankly, it was exciting.. Especially dapat mandi sungai.. Damn great.. Pas mandi sungai, mandi air pili bomba lak.. I got some great experience attending this programme.. Have u guyz ever hold hos bomba?? First experience pegang hos 2 and 'shower' kn team ak.. It's heavy because the water runs very fast in it.. We finished at 5pm and arrived at about 6pm at uitm..

I took a rest and I shoot to ipoh at 9pm.. I was alone going there coz my sweetie pie had gone there earlier with her friends.. So, I drove real fast coz I have to reach there before 9.40pm to watch movie with her and all of our friends.. she said they bought us 2tickets to watch '........ valentine'.. I thought it was going to be a romantic story.. But I was wrong.. It was a psyco movie!!! 'Bloody Valentines'!!! Full of blood and that Harry Warden kills with no mercy!! But I would say, it was a great movie.. I would give 4 out of 5..

After the movie, we went to gerbang malam in Ipoh coz she wants to buy tudung.. Unfortunately, there weren't any.. But, she bought me something though.. haha.. It's juz between me and her.. *wink* Then, we went to have supper.. actually, it was my dinner.. hahaha. Really kenyang coz I ate so much that night.. I was really hungry..

We arrived at utp at abt 3am and went to bed at about 4am.. ZzzZzzzZ..

Well, although tiring on that day, it was a lot of fun.. Especially when I am with her.. Laughing non-stop.. ;p Love her so0o0o0o0o0 much!!

So, that is another weekend for me..




aainachentak said...

pili bomba?!!
yes it is fun la kan..
i ingat lg dolu2 mse kem kne sembur ngan air pili after 2 days x mandi..
omigosh..wat an experience!
haha ;D

eyxa shabarudin said...

enjoy j dgr cte ko nie.
study elok2 ya!
dgr cte dean's list jgk.
gedik ya x bgtw ak pn!!!
nk kem slm kat sha?

adibahrisha said...

aha.yep, n jz imagine, how old r u now? bru nk rase pegg host yg seberat 30kg plus. i kne lari bwk host tu keliling padang waktu camp f.2 dulu. ya it was damn really fun. sampai tgn berbekas2.

I Z M I R said...

rase cam dlm filem industan xtime mndi air pili 2?? Hahaha ;P

no need to tell u.. I'm not as good as you.. Hehehe..
Krm slm syg kt die k..

I'm 19years old.. I know it's late to have that experience but better late than never kan?? hehehehe.;p