Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally,MU lose..

Assalamualaikum.. Hye fellas.. Having a great day already?? Good. I'm still dwelling about what happen this early morning.. Yeah, I know.. MU lost.. Finally, they lost right?? Hahahaha.. So, are u guys happy?? Although we lost 2-0 to barca, i would say, we already had a tremendous season.. But to close the curtain with a lost isn't the best way to bow out..

Liverpool, Chelsea n Arsenal fans must be laughing in delight after we had lost to Barca right? But think twice before you could laugh boastfully k.. Your teams barely won nothing this season.. I mean NOTHING! Whereas, we, MU, had won the League Cup, Club World Cup and our third consecutive Premier League title.. That still didn't include the Charity Shield.. Chelsea?? Didn't win any yet - up until this weekend FA Cup final.. Arsenal and Liverpool?? LOSERS!! hahahahaha..

Ok, lets see how MU faired at last nite match.. I would say, it wasn't MU who was playing on the field.. But from the kick off, MU started dangerously.. With a couple of shots that didn't really troubling the keeper.. then, after 9minutes, Eto'o scored.. They didn't really 'take care' of messi, Iniesta and Xavi.. Through out the game actually.. They are like 'inviting' them to attack.. totally so not MU.. Messi's goal was a much more disaster I would say.. If someone had closed Xavi's (or Iniesta's) cross, that goal wouldn't happen.. Trust me..

So, congratz to Barca for getting thier dream treble.. MU fans, altough we didn't have the last cheer, its ok.. We have won a handful enough.. Kalau semua MU nk mnang, cm sia2 je buat team besar2 n byr Fabregas mhl2 tp xmnang pape kn?? Hahahaha..

MU will bring back the title next season..

*To all UiTM students, your results will be out on 11th June 2009.. Wait for it!!!


quya aziz said...

hahaha. nice post weyh! :D boo-hoo others!

I Z M I R said...

still feel dejected that MU lost..
I can't bare watch that match again..