Monday, August 31, 2009

How to write a good resume..

Hye readers..
How are you today?
Hopefully you are in your pink of health..
So, today I wanna write about how to write a good resume..

Before you write your resume, u must have a cover letter for your resume..
Your ciover letter can make or brake you..
The purpose is to introduce you to the employer..
Ok, enough on cover letter..
I will touch on that on my coming post..

A curriculum vitae (CV), also commonly known as resume, is a document that contains a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education..
It provides information about your background that employers use to determine if you have the right knowledge and skills for the job..

1. Your CV should be no more than 2(two) A4 pages..

2. A CV is a tool to obtain an interview and therefore should not be long-winded.. The main aim is to show that you have a wide breadth of knowledge and relevant skills.. Depth of knowledge and additional details can be elaborated during your interview.. Important headings that should be included are education and qualifications, academic awards, skills, work experience, interests and activities, and additional skills..

3. Short, to-the-point sentences or phrases should be used and bullet point forms are encouraged in CV's instead of paragraphs as this makes it easier for employers to scan through and absorb pertinent information about you.. Put the most important and relevant points upfront on your CV so as to easily catch the interest of the person readig your CV.. A CV is usually scanned through quickly by the people tasked to sieve through hundreds of similar documents..

4. Use key words from relevant job recruitment ads in your CV.. If they want someone with 'analytical aplitude', use those words, instead of saying you have analytical skills..

5. Use plenty of action words in your CV like developed, monitored and presented as action words are direct and straight to the point..

6. Focus on the positive and relevant.. Emphasis duties and responsibilities that support yuor current application and avoid details that are not relevant to the particular job you are applying for..

7. Your two referees should be from different categories - one work or character related (eg. an employer) and the other academic (eg. lecturers or tutor)..

8. Your CV should be neatly formatted and not fancy to make it easy to navigate and read.. Use plenty of space and wide margins and a good-size font (eg. 12)

9. Have somoene to go through your CV for potential mistakes or missing information..

10. You should update your CV periodically to prevent any rush job..

Now, your dream job is within your reach!
Good luck with CV and interviews..

* Credit to GRADAsia Mag for this article..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

If you were given a chance....

Hye fellas..
How has your fasting month went?
Hopefully none is left..

Ok, the title says it..
But it hasn't finish there yet..
The question goes like this..
"If you were given a chance to meet your idol, what are 5 questions that you wanna ask him / her?"

Answer through my comments.. ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selamat Datang Ramadhan..

Hye readers..
Juz wishing all of my Muslim friends..
Happy Fasting..
Selamat Berpuasa!
Hopefully this Ramadhan will be our best Ramadhan..
and making us a better person in the future..

May Allah gives us strength and good health throughout this holy month to do good deeds..
May Allah bless us all..


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The season starts..

The much anticipated Barclays Premier League had kicked off last saturday..
With plenty of goals scored, it's a colourful weekend to mark the start of the best league in the world..
One particular highlight was Arsenal big 6-1 win over Everton..
I expected them to draw but Arsenal was too much to handle for Everton on that day..
But I don't mind..
MU also won..
Although only a narrow 1-0 win, it's enough to secure the 3 points..
To me, gaining that precious 3 points is much more valuable than winning big..
If you win by 6 goal, it doesn't make you a champion at the end of the season..
So, my prediction for the Title?
The Mighty Red Devils!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Community Shield 2009 - MU vs Chelsea

Ok, first of all, I know that MU lose..
It wasn't just MU 's luck on that day..
Seriously, Chelsea shouldn't have lifted the shield..
They don't even deserve it..
Have you guys seen how ballack elbowed Evra?
Chris Foy, the ref on that day, should've red-carded Ballack..
It was intention!
Or atleast, stop the game because Evra was down..
But what did he do?
He wave play-on and then come Chelsea's goal soon after the incident..
If it was Ballack who was down there, I'm sure Chris Foy would've stop the game..
He's biased to MU as ever..
MU should've won the game on regular time..
Chelsea couldn't handle Nani on the left and Evra's attack bring chaos to their defence..
So, overall performance from the MU, I would rate it at 7..
How they fought for that 2nd goal is amazing..
Nani's goal was tremendous..
I don't think that Chelsea played Ancelotti's tactics during the 2nd half..
Because MU cut through thier defence with ease..

So, Chelsea fans, don't be overjoyed by your so-lucky-win..
Lets see how Chelsea fair all season long..
MU with no Ronaldo?
I would say, NO PROBLEM!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back Home.. My 2nd Home..

Hye everyone..
How are you today?
Had a great weekend yesterday?
I filled my weekend yesterday with much sleep..

Ok, as the title says, I'm back here in Perak..
I've started my class today..
and started to worry my assignments back..
I mean, for a week, 'no assignment week'..

So, what did i do during my ad-hoc mid sem break?
Most of my time I was at home..
Doing housechores..
But my family did went out shopping for Raya clothes for me at OU and Pyramid..
So, I did quite enjoy my stay at home..

I better get going..
I have to prepare for my acting presentation tomorrow..
Jadi insurance agent..
Oh, BTW, Sha or my sweetie pie, is much better now..
She is not in high fever anymore..
Excepts that she is still coughing..
Thanx for those who prayed for her health..
May Allah bless u..

That's all folks..
See you later alligator..