Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Assalamualaikum.. How are u? I'm great. Sorry that I didn't update my blog.. There's a bit complication on my side actually.. Ahaks! So,today,we'll focus on your career.. I would like to emphasis to those who had juz finished SPM and those who will be sitting it this and years to come.. Although u might not finished school yet, sorting what u will be in the future is vital!! So, today, I wanna talk about being a GEOSCIENTIST.. Actually, I got this info about thru my sis' CLEO Mag.. They interviewed a geoscientist named Puteri Maizura..

It involves carrying out detailed studies of the earth, non-living environment and rock properties.. For example, a petroleum geoscientist performs surveys to identify areas with great hydrocarbon (oil and gas) potential.. They also analyse sub-surface structures, where hydrocarbon resources are trapped.. These areas are then evaluated to determine their commercial viability..

Great opportunity for traavel as it takes u to big cities, jungles, deserts and even sea..

The hours can be long.. A geoscientist is required to be on standby at all times, even on public holidays.. Working in harsh environments, like the desert, can sometimes be difficult as they'll tend to get lonely if they are posted for long periods of time in a foreign country far from families and friends..

Highly competitive and based on experience and expertise.. Afresh graduate can start from RM 30,000 per annum.. Annual increments, or bonuses depend on on your personal - and company's - performance.. However, money isn't everything.. The satisfaction of knowing you've had a hand augmenting your country's energy reserves can't be measured..

A geoscientist will usually progress towards a managerial position or technical specialisation..One could also become a staff geophysicist, principal seismologist or custodian.. Plus, you can also become freelance consultant.. Geoscientist are high in demand worldwide so there are opportunities to work among the best in the global oil and gas industry..

So,I would say, those who are interested in doing chemical engineering or petroleum engineering, y not take the UNCONVENTIONAL way by taking this course.. Yes, u may not entitle to be an engineer but u can be better than that.. a specialist in oil and gas industry! Your knowledge and expertise is your strength! On the other hand, geoscientist are high in demand whereas engineers are plentiful in this world.. People will beg for your knowledge and expertise! *wink.

So, those who are interested in this course, the local university that offer this course are University Teknologi Petronas and University Malaya (as far as I'm concern).. That's all I guess.. See u in my next post..

-Edited from CLEO Magazine..


adibahrisha said...

in my dream. im takin business now. LOL

I Z M I R said...

wut type of bisnes adibah?