Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Asslamualaikum.. Is anybody in da house?? Hehe..
How are u?? Great?? Good..
I've never felt better before.. hehe..
So, my topic for today is about 'indies'..
What is actually behind the words of 'indies'??
Where does the word come from??

Well, for those who has yet to know what does 'indie' means,
it came from the word 'independant'..
This also means that anybody or an organization who can 'stand on their own feet'..

Indies are similar to 'hippies' in the 60's..
It's just that it is much more broader in term of what they are 'fighting' for..
hippies are more towards musics and ur dressing..
but indies are different..
In Malaysia, when u said about indies, people always misunderstood that it only means
'indie bands' such as Meet Uncle Hussein(AJL winner), Bittersweet and Bunkface(they rock!!!)..
But actually, indies are much broader than that..
It involves all those indie designers, indie bloggers or indie artists as well..
Surprise ha??
Dah agk dah.. Hehe..

But that is the fact..
For ur info, we have loads of talented indie designers and artists or bloggers as well out there..
Pity them that no one notice them..:'(
To name a few..
The Frou Frou
Bangkit who design T-shirts..
Mimpi Murni Jewellry
n so lots more..

They are specialise in handmade crafts and could be found at gigs normally..
So, that's why we should support these 'independants'
because they got 'pure talent'..
They 'design' what they wanna do..
They fork out their own money to 'survive'..
They don't have an 'office' to operate..
They do arts and design for a living..
They do arts with lots of hearts..
So, fellas..
Support indies!!
Buy handmades..
I've made my pledge..
When will u??

*U can view Frou Frou's blog and also make a pledge by clicking the links under the survey.. For independant supporters, make an account in 'indie public'..


aainachentak said...

bangkit is quite well-known 4 da lot of tee's designers nowadays especially among da teen.malay ofcoz! dat cud be proud of. :)

guess we juz need da rite platform to commercialize our product-music,tee,handmade stuff etc.yeah?

I Z M I R said...

Yup!! I do agree with u.. There r so many talents out there that we didn't realize sometimes.. Freelancers of course.. They sometimes either commercialize their products at the wrong platform or everybody juz won't give a damn about them.. It's pity to them sometimes.. So, that's why I'm calling u n all of ur frens to support these indies and freelancers.. Because, we are 1 of them too..;p