Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Luck..

Hye everyone.. How are you?? I'm great.. I am at home right now coz I have this big project regarding conservation of national heritage.. So, my group and I chose Portugis' Settlement in Ujong Pasir.. Well, I don't wanna talk about that.. As we all know, SPM results is juz around the corner.. Some say it would be released on the 12th and some even said it will be released on the 13th.. Although with all these rumours, our ministry still keeps it mum on when will it be released..

So, those who are going to take the results, u better get yourself ready mentally and physically.. What ever the outcome, be grateful of what u get.. It's God willings.. Remember, you've tried ur best..

Hence, I would like to wish all the best of luck to all SPM 2008 candidates who will be taking their results in the near future.. Especially, those who are from Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Selandar, Melaka (SBPIS).. May all of you succeed with flying colours.. Don't forget to send my regards to all the teachers there..

To all my bloggers frens who will be taking thier results as well, I would also wish all of u good luck.. Whatever the outcomes, remember, hit me back.. Hahahaha..

And to those who have any relatives or siblings who will take thier results, say to them that I wish them the best of luck k..

c u later alligator..


eyxa shabarudin said...

pak cik!!
sila tgk balek spelling ko. hahaha.
btw, sha kem slm balek. hehe.

study molek2 deh! :D

Addina said...

please dont try to make me feel better by telling me u did poorly too because ur 'poorly' is no comparison to mine and when u get higher than me i'll feel even more dumb.hate.myself.

sha said...

teringat time kte dlu2..
do u still remember what we've planned on da nite b4 'that day'??
wanna have a DATE!!
lme sgt xjumpe b time tu..
at last,xdpt jumpe pun..
cdey.. :(

now we're only '2km' apart..
but still miss u..
n always miss u..

I Z M I R said...

Sweetie pie,
Of coz I still remember our supposed date on that day that didn't worked out.. Hehehe. I was so sad coz i missed u so0o0o0o much!!
Luckily,we're 2km away now.. Although I do miss u every now and then,we are easier to go for a date then before.. Yahoo!! ;D