Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Community Shield 2009 - MU vs Chelsea

Ok, first of all, I know that MU lose..
It wasn't just MU 's luck on that day..
Seriously, Chelsea shouldn't have lifted the shield..
They don't even deserve it..
Have you guys seen how ballack elbowed Evra?
Chris Foy, the ref on that day, should've red-carded Ballack..
It was intention!
Or atleast, stop the game because Evra was down..
But what did he do?
He wave play-on and then come Chelsea's goal soon after the incident..
If it was Ballack who was down there, I'm sure Chris Foy would've stop the game..
He's biased to MU as ever..
MU should've won the game on regular time..
Chelsea couldn't handle Nani on the left and Evra's attack bring chaos to their defence..
So, overall performance from the MU, I would rate it at 7..
How they fought for that 2nd goal is amazing..
Nani's goal was tremendous..
I don't think that Chelsea played Ancelotti's tactics during the 2nd half..
Because MU cut through thier defence with ease..

So, Chelsea fans, don't be overjoyed by your so-lucky-win..
Lets see how Chelsea fair all season long..
MU with no Ronaldo?
I would say, NO PROBLEM!


Azhar Shafique said...

Gud game ar aritu
best gak tgk match tu
btw tgu arsenal season ni