Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time break..

Assalamualaikum everyone..
How are you?
Wow, quite some time i didn't blog right?
Well, I have been quite busy lately meeting datelines of endless coursework, tests and tutorials..
Sorry for that..
But I'll try my best update this blog as often as possible once my semester ends in a month time..

So, for the time being, I hope u guyz could give me some room so that I could study for my finals which starts on the 30th october..
Wish me luck as I'm trying another attempt to get another Dean List..
My mother have high hopes for me..
Don't wanna disappoint her..
To you who is facing any exams, tests or what not,
Good Luck!

Till we meet again..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

and a very good afternoon..
how are you guys..
long time no see ek?
yeah, I know..
It has been a while since I update my blog..
had been busy with tests, presentation and assignment..
This coming week, I have to submit my assignment n a test to face..
the next week, is all about presentation..

Anyway, I'm right now in KL..
Supposed to meet a Dato'..
But he had to attend something urgent elsewhere..
So,I had to change the date..
It's ok anyway.. He's the boss kn?

Since I couldn't meet him, I went to an Australian Edu Fair at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL..
Really want to further my studies overseas..
My preferred destination?
University of South Australia..
Bachelor in Business (Property)..
But 1 thing that stand against my dream right now is Money..
Anyone would like to sponsor my studies there?
I'm doing quite well right now..

Anyway, thank you for reading..
see u later alligator..