Thursday, February 5, 2009


Assalamualaikum!! Hye!!
Wow!! It's been a while since my last post, isn't it?? Well, I'm really2 sorry to all of u as I'm quite busy with my hectic class schedule..As a student, we are supposed to go through this, aren't we?? Thousands of apologizes, k.. So, how do u do?? Hopefully, u r fine..

Today, I wanna talk about a person called 'FRIEND'.. Do u, have a friend who is very close to u?? I supposed u do.. Well, I mean, u should have a best friend, right?? Best friends are the one who normally lend us their ears and they are the one who are willing to lend their shoulder when we need a shoulder to cry on.. Correct me if I'm wrong k.. But, in realty, this is the phenomena, right?? But if you don't have a particular friend that u r really close to, nevermind.. but u still have a bunch of friends, right??

I wanna ask u some questions regarding ur friends.. Do they understand u inside out?? Are they supportive in what u do?? Are they willing to help u when u need them the most?? Hopefully,the answers are all positives..

Well, how about if a friend of yours ask for your help, for instance like help to drive a friend of his or her to a place that he or she wants to but u didn't want to because u are busy or maybe u are financially not good or maybe u wanna do something that u had planned for a week ago.. How do u handle this situation when u r stuck in this two minds?? a) Help them.. b) ignore them.. c) explain to them that can't do them any favour.. d) runaway.. Well, if I'm stuck in this situation. I would probably choose option c.. Mind me.. As far as I'm concern, I'm a person who would stand firm with what I had decide.. In this case, if I had something to do on the day that my friend is seeking my help, i would say, "Sorry. I have something to do on that day.".. U may think that I'm selfish but hey, I have my own life, u have yours and they have theirs, right?? Far most atleast, I didn't just runaway or ignore them, right??

Well, give me your opinion if u r stuck in this situation.. U might have a better idea on how to handle things in this situation.. Share it, man.. hahaha..

I think, that's all.. Weekend is near.. So... Have a great weekend guys!!!

See u later.. Dada~~


Addina said...

izmir! try writing something more personal. it would be a lot more interesting. no offense kay.. just trying to help out.

aainachentak said...

it hard when the term friedship goes by..had fews experience stuck in dat r/ship.kalau i depends on situation kowt!:)

salam visiting ya!

aainachentak said...

mestilah ingat!;)
super duper thnx izmir!
keep coming back okie!!
btw hupdate2!
want to read ur new entry.ahah..