Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Practice of YOGA - Can or Can't?

Assalamualaikum.. Hye readers.. How are you?? I'm well, thank you.. Hey, did you heard the news recently? I mean, in the past few weeks..

Recently, the practice of yoga among muslims had been debated and had the coverage through out the nation.. National Fatwa Council had released a fatwa regarding the practice of yoga among muslims. Upon released, it had the most feedback from all quarters. Some agree, some don't and some wouldn't give a damn about this matter. In my view, as a muslim, we should give a damn about this matter - if you know what i mean.. This is a serious matter regarding the akidah of a muslim.. It's about our faith and belief isn't something to play with.. From Sura An-Nahl, ayat 106.."In The name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful".."Anyone, who, after accepting the faith in Allah, then says (word of) unbelief - except under force (from outside), But in his heart remaining firm in faith - whereas, on such as those who open their chest to unbelief - on them is anger from Allah, and theirs will be a fearful penalty".. This shows that Allah The Almighty doesn't play around when talking about akidah..

Here, I wanna start a debate and we should exchange views regarding this matter.. Do you agree with this motion or are you against?? I don't mind about your point of view as long as it isn't baseless and must be factful and acceptable by the mind.. Ok, you wanna know my view? Here, read this from Surah Al-Kafirun, which means..

" In The Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful "

' Say : " Oh people who rejects faith! " (1)

I do not worship what you worship (2)

Nor will you worship what I worship (3)

And I will not worship what You have been used to worship (4)

Nor will you worship what I worship (5)

To you be your way, and to me be mine (6) '

What do you understand from this Surah? From ayat 1st till 3rd, Allah demand us to say to all those Kafiruns out there that we (muslims) won't worship what they worship nor will they worship what we worship.. Hey, I remembered something.. The other day, the President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam, Datuk A. Vaithilingam said the council (National Fatwa Council) must respect the sensitivities and feelings of peoples of people of all religions in Malaysia while giving guidance to Muslims.. His quotes in the The Star Newspaper, on Monday, 24th November's issue(page N10) was like this "Many Hindus have been deeply disturbed by the council's announcement. To declare this ancient practice haram and say that it can 'corrupt' a person, is very hurtful and demeaning". I wonder, why on earth, is this Hindu making this remarks? Can I say this guy stoooopid?? Hey, come on la.. National Fatwa Council's edicts are meant for Muslims only you dumb Hindu President! Anyway, kudos to the Perak Religious Department which would abide by the decision of the council.. Hopefully, after their meeting today, they'll come out with a formal announcement citing the implementation of this fatwa.. So, we as a muslim should stand up against this kind of kafiruns who make statements so that we are confused.. We should speak and be counted!!

Ok2.. Enough of that dumb Hindu.. Where were we? Oh, yeah, my view..So, that (surah Al-Kafirun) is my base.. Strong concrete, huh? Haha. Doubless, the best! What I am trying to say from that Surah is that we shouldn't follow what other religion does.. For instance, yoga.. It's said to be from the belief of Indian.. So, in my opinion, if we practice their belief, it is like we hold a colok and 'act' how the chinese did..

Yes, you may argue that if we practice it but we still have belief in god, it is ok.. But, had you heard that yoga could heal cancer? If those cancer patient had done yoga and had positive impact of it, would they tell their relatives and friends something like this, " Alhamdulillah, Allah sembuhkan penyakit aku."? No, kan?? Most of them would say like this, " Ali, ko patut try yoga ni.. Aku buat, trus sembuh penyakit aku.. Memang ada effect lah yoga ni.".. Most of them would say like this, right? One thing that these cancer patient forgot is that Allah the Almighty who had heal their cancer.. Not yoga.. From that on, they have more 'faith' doing yoga to heal their sickness rather that having faith in Allah's will anymore..Doesn't that sound that they had 'diverted' from the right path?

Anyhow, that is only my view.. It may be right or it may be wrong as well.. So, have your say about it.. Can or Can't??

Till we meet again.. May Allah bless you..