Thursday, December 4, 2008

Michael Jackson Converts to Islam..

Salam.. Hye!! We meet again huh??How was your day?? Hopefully it's fine.. Hey, fellas.. Had you heard some news recently mentioning that Michael Jackson had converted to Islam?? Yes, he had converted it.. At first, I thought it was a joke from my father.. But my younger brother said it was true.. He said that he had read it through the internet.. Yes it's true!! You wanna check it out?? Check this URL...

I'm not kidding though.. You see, UK's The Sun Newspaper reported it.. From the report said that his producer and a songwriter had spotted him 'a bit down'.. So, they talk about Islam, which they had embraced, to Michael and with Allah's will, Michael converts to Islam..

You see, guys?? With all the bad things that he had done, he converts to Islam.. He viewed Islam as a religion that promotes peace and gives inner strength to muslims.. You see, he wants to be a better person.. Better from what he was.. Away from all those sins that made him going from pride to shame.. This shows that Islam is the BEST religion to be a better person.. However, why we, as a muslim, never sought this out but Michael who was a Christian saw this?? Why we (muslims), always wanted to be a 'Michael Jackson' (kafirun) but he, now, is 'us'?? Do you see what I'm trying to say here?

So, think about it.. I may not be the best person to give advise to you as I myself always did the wrong thing.. However, The King of Pop's conversion to Islam is a big Rahmat from Allah S.W.T. to us, as a muslim.. It shows His greatness.. It's a matter of fact whether we saw it or not..

I think that's all I could say.. no matter what it is, it is still ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!


*Next time I'll let u hear a song sang by Mikaeel (Michael) titled, Give Thanks to Allah..


faiz abu bakar said...

i already got that song-Give thanks to Allah but never get any chance to listen to that song..hoho

NuR said...

org ade terbace kt mane tah kate pkare ni x kompem lg..cume brite nye je dah tsebar kat news..tahla btol ke x..