Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hye!! We meet again.. How are u??? So,the other day,I was writing about Arts.. Now, it's time for sports.. From 26th November until 2nd December 2008, in UiTM Perak,held a sports event named KARISMA.. For those who didn't know what KARISMA is all about,it's actually the acronym for 'Karnival Sukan Mahasiswa UiTM Se Malaysia'.. It's held once a year.. KARISMA is a sports event held among all the UiTM campuses nationwide.. It's been held since 1990 which the campuses take turns to handle this event..

Here are the Contigents who participated in the annual event.. UiTM Shah Alam, UiTM Johor, UiTM Melaka, UiTM Negeri Sembilan, UiTM Pahang, UiTM Terengganu, UiTM Kelantan, UiTM Perlis, UiTM Kedah, UiTM Pulau Pinang, UiTM Perak, UiTM Sabah, UiTM Sarawak, and INTEC Section 17 Shah Alam..

The sports which athletes compete for medals are football, netball, hand ball for men and women, volleyball for both genders, sepak takraw, hockey for both genders, rugby, basketball men and women, futsal for both genders,ten pin bowling as well, silat olahraga, silat seni, badminton, tennis, pingpong and golf for men and women..

So, that's a lil bit of what KARISMA is all about.. Next time, I'll give report about the event been held there..

till we meet again..


Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's All about Arts..

Hye!!! How are you today?? Stressed?? Chill lah.. Hey, I got some interesting activity for you to release those tensions.. What?? Smoking?? Nope.. Not by smoking.. Of course not by killing someone lah..

Here, have you heard about stenciling, folk art, decoupage or glass painting before?? Of course about arts lah.. what, you're not interested in arts?? No way!! There should be some arts in you.. You just didn't know it..

ok2, here, what I said just now, about the folk art and so on, it's a form of art lah of course tapi bukan lah art yg cam kite p tgk kat galeri seni tu or pelukis lukis bnda yg xde rupe ape2 pun..(no offense) Art ni lagi best wo!! Korang lukis ats pinggan, cermin or even a bulb!! believe it or not?? Believe it..hehehe..

In our world of so much pace nowadays, we still need to find time to relax and enjoy life.. So, if you feel stressed out catching up with the pace, this art could do more good than harm.. Trust me lah.. Still don't trust ka?? Wait till u tanya ini boss, Mr. Zahir Bin Yusof, who is the owner of Craven Cottage, which is a handicraft shop at Amcorp Mall..

In my opinion, this is the place where you can unleash the creative side of you that you never even bother to care for all this while.. Hey, besides that, you could even release all those work that kept bugging you even in your dreams.. hehehe.. So, why not spend your weekend for two hours and get great benefit from it..

The owner also conducts craft classes for those who would like to learn the basics about decoupaging, stenciling, and others as well thru out the week.. What?? You r too young?? The owner said that they also provide classes for children starting from 6 years old to 13 years of age.. So, no way you're saying that you're too young.. Adult classes?? of coz la ade.. He didn't say any age limit.. So, as long as u are able to hold a brush, than that's fine la.. hehehehe.. What?? No time ka?? No problem.. All classes will be held by appointment.. So, when you're free, don't feel hesitated to call them..
So, for further information, you can't contact me but u can contact Mr. Zahir thru call or fax at 03-7955 5909 or email him at or why not stop by at his shop and buy stuff's there.. Drop by at Craven Cottage, Lot 352, Level 3, Amcorp Mall, 18, Jalan Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.. Too lazy ka?? No big deal.. take a peep at this
Try it lah.. You might be the next lucky person like this Indian girl(pict on the right) who got to get her pict published in the internet.. Hey girl, you're famous!! hehehe.. k, till we meet again..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reminiscing the Fond Memories..

Hye!How are you today??I'm good..especially after I've completed my final exam last tuesday..or else I would be like, stressed out coz there are so many things to read, so many facts to understand and so much Acts (law of course) to remember..But hey, that's life right?? All these happens for a cause.. Yeah, enough of that.. hahaha..

As I was watching TV in the living room alone at my uncle's house in Sunway, sit a plastic yellow plastic bag.. So, I was curious what is it inside the plastic bag.. As I 'selongkar' the plastic bag, I found this picture (below)..

This is actually a back-dated photograph taken way back in the 70's.. This picture is actually the the picture of my mother's family.. Here, let me introduce them to you.. Standing from left to right are Pn. Zanariah (of course now she is a puan already), Pn. Zubaidah who is the second child and the eldest daughter who I called 'Mak Ngah' and Mr. Zahir who is the eldest which is famous as 'Ayah Long' among family members..Next to him is who I called Mak Sinah..Sorry,but I didn't know her real name..Next to her is my beloved mother, Pn. Zurina..

Those sitted from left are my grandmother, Pn Salminah and My grandfather, Mr. to him is Pn. Azidah who I called her, 'Achik', the youngest among the siblings.. However, I can't recall who is next to her.. Sorry, but you have to understand of course, now people look so different from what they were back then especially in this picture..

So, why did I publish this picture?? First, nowadays, it's so hard to find such a family potrait like this especially when it's still in black n white.. Secondly, it kind of touched my feelings as well.. Moreover, now I know how does my grandfather looks like as he had passed away before I was born.. The last but not least,of course I want to share with all of you..haha..

so, try to browse in your grandmothers cupboard or boxes, you are sure to find much picture like this.. Try to 'selongkar' with your parents.. Then they'll tell you lots of stories about their fond memories back then about the picture.. Try it lah.. You'll enjoy it.. besides, u could know more about family members as well..

So, i think until here k.. Till we meet again.. Papai.. Salam..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A welcome note..

hye!!how are you?
so,this is my first post..
i hope you would enjoy reading my blurbs here..
i'll try my best to update this blog as often as i can so that you could enjoy..

so,c u in my next blog..
thank you..